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Baritsho, spiritual lake of Gangtey Truelku, one of the most sacred lake located inside the park facilities, lampleri.

Under the family of Ericaceae , this plant is endemic to Bhutan which it can found above 2600m to 3400m with broadly elliptic to ovate shapes, it can grow up to woody tree with maximum of 15 m. the flowers racemes colour will befrom rose pink to fading Purple.
Rhododendron Kesangai
Parks natures and its beauty
The Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB) has made a significant commitment to protecting Bhutan’s natural environment by establishing an extensive network of protected area and biological corridors covering over 51.4% of geographical area of the country. In additional to the protected area and biological corridors, nature recreational park has been established for progressive means to environmental conservation and to supplement national tourism plans. With adequate space and nearby fastest growing town of Thimphu, Punakha and Wangdue Phodrang, the nature Recreational Park is established within the reach of urban people, for public recreation, for tourists and also as hub of environmental Education.
The Royal Botanical Park unlike other conservation areas is the country first nature recreational park that inaugurated and opened for public in 2008, covering 47sqkm² from an elevation of 2100 to 3800msal. The park not only serves as the appealing place for recreation with increasing visitation vis-à-vis revenue generation but also plays significant roles in promoting the nature especially Environmental Education and nature guiding to the visitors and students groups.  The park has a visitor centre, education centre, café, washrooms, camping areas, an extensive network of walking trails and a car park.
The conservation efforts of the park can no way be overstated because of rich its biodiversity. Some of the significance includes the following:    
29 species of rhododendrons are native to this park out of 46 species recorded in the country
More than 24 mammal species out of which about 18 of them are totally protected in Bhutan  
More than 230 species of birds out of 740 species recorded as of date.
More than 49 species of orchids out of 469 species in the country      
More than 114 species of ferns out of 400 species  
432 species of vascular plants that includes Tetracentron sinensis, Taxus baccata, Decaisnia insignis and many more that are not distributed widely in the country

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