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In continuation to office order no PGD/REDD+ Funding-01/2018-2019/814 dated on April 16, 2019, there will be Divisional General Meeting from 3rd May to 5th May 2019 in Shumar geog meeting hall. Following points will be covered during the three days meeting:

  1. Watershed Assessment Training to the field staffs by the ToT of watershed classification.
  2. Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool training to field staff.
  3. Divisional level presentation on four book published by concerned staff (Fish, Birds, Bamboo and Butterfly). Accordingly they will present in Dzongkhag Administration to officially launch the field guide book.
  4. Presentation by concerned staffs who have attended various workshop, trainings and meetings after the last divisional meeting held at Nganglam on date 29/02/19 to 2/03/19 and also the presentation left uncovered during meeting held at Nganglam.

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