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In your study guide you should have the following items.
  Title Page: Module Title, Unit number & title, Module Coordinator, Faculty, College.
  Acknowledgments & copy right statement.
Page 1 Table of content
Page 2 Module description: Introduction, importance, aims & Objectives.
Module Content, explanation how to use the guide, explanation of icons
Course calendar: assignment dates, National holidays, Block weeks, days, tours, Dates in which you expect to start a new unit, Exam dates.


  • Assignment logistics: how you want work presented, referencing style to use, extensions and late assignments

  • Markers guide (see the given in this web site).

  • Academic support: Web sites directing student to support if they should need it.

  • Optical but heavily sugguesed is tips in how to effectively read and study the material (see the web link to the SQ3R method). I believe this is important because unlike many universities around the world the CNR students do not at present have a learning support centre where they can obtain this type of information, furthermore many students are not even aware that this information is available consequently they are not likely to search for it on the web.
For examples of the study guide enter the links given this site.