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Dear Students,

This is to introduce you to the module of Social Forestry. This module mainly dwells on the initiation, establishment and implementation of Community and Private Forestry in Bhutan. There are four parts of manual in Community Forestry (CF): Part I=Initiating Community Forestry; Part II=Community Forest Management Planning; Part III=Silvicultural Options for Community Forestry and Part IV=Record Keeping and Institutional Strengthening for Community Forest Management Groups (CFMGs). There is a single volume of manual for the Private Forestry called Private Forestry Manual for Bhutan. As the manuals are comprehensive in content of procedures, methods and illustrations, the materials of this wepage will only highlight on some of the important concepts and principles leaving aside the crux for you to consult in the volumes aforementioned. However, time permitting, the content of the web will be updated by adding new information and linking to other relevant websites. On this note, I would like to say, "have a pleasant reading".

Ugyen Thinley