PostHarvest Technology - Module Objectives

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Module Objectives


The main goal of the module is to provide adequate knowledge and skills on post harvest handling, processing and preservation of fruits, vegetables and food grains.

The specific objectives are:

• Understand the concept of post harvest technology, its importance and objectives.
• Understand and explain the causes of post harvest food losses and the prevention measures.
• Carryout post harvest food loss assessment.
• Understand the pre-harvest factors affecting the post harvest life and quality aspects.
• Carryout fresh produce handling appropriately: maturity determination, harvesting, grading, packaging, treatment and storage.
• Survey the storage practices in the area and recommend for better storage techniques.
• Understand various methods of food processing and preservation.
• Carry out processing and preservation of vegetables and fruits.
• Understand the concept of agriculture marketing and assist in marketing of horticultural products.

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