Plant Protection - Pest & Disease Management

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Pest & Disease Management

Module Descriptorand syllabus

PLP202 descriptor/syllabus

This module is structured into the following chapters:

1. Chapter 1: Concept of pest and pest outbreak: Handout2013

2.Chapter 2: Concept of plant disease

3. Chapter 3: Pest and and disease of cereal crops

Powerpoints: Maize diseases

Plant Disease Diagnosis - Science or Art?

4. Chapter 4: Pest and disease of vegetable crops

Powerpoint: Pest of tomato, pest of brassicas,potato tuber moth

Factsheets: Tomato bacterial wilt

5. Chapter 5: Pest anddisease of fruit crops

Powerpoint: Citrus pest; citrus greening

Handout: Citrus pest, citrus disease


citrus, mango, arecanut

6. Chapter 6: Principles of pest and disease management

Pests of vegetables

Pest of cereal crops

Pest of fruit crops