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Dear Students

I have been teaching Pig and Poultry Production modules at the College of Natural Resources, Royal University of Bhutan, for several years now. Currently, I am undergoing PhD (Veterinary Science) at the University of Sydney, Australia. My research project is on "Phylogenetic Relationship of Various Domestic and Wild Pigs in South Asia". Pig and Poultry, the two animal species, which I hated very much as an undergrad, are now my "Passion".

I have not seen you and probably I will not get any opportunity to teach you. But trust me, we have equally good and competent teacher(s) to teach these modules during my absence.

To assist them, I will slowly and steadily develop this website. Please be patient until we make adequate and relevant information available to you.

Have a great time at CNR and Good Luck with your studies.

(Karma Nidup)