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Organic Agriculture Module (OAG 311) is of six credit points which is equivalent to 60 hours. The lecture consists of 26 hours, laboratory/field work/project 11 hours, assignments 13 hours and self study 10 hours.

There're eight units/topics in the module. These are given below.

Topic 1 : Introduction
Principles and practices of organic farming; Difference between organic and conventional farming; Bhutan Organic farming status 

Topic 2 : Bhutan’s farming practices
Salient features of National Organic Farm Framework

Topic 3 : Requirements of organic production
Organic standards and certification; requirements for conversion; financial implications of conversion; issues in exporting organic produce/products 

Topic 4 : Farm Resources Management
Nutrient Cycling; Farm Nutrient Budget calculation and planning/preparation

Topic 5 : Methods of production
Farm designs; Production of commercially important crops, Animal Production and health management, Forest resources management, Plant protection practices; Soil fertility improvement strategies; Water management; Harvesting and storage

Topic 6 : Research and Development Needs 
New innovations in organic farming; Research problems; Extension and support services 

Topic 7: Organic market
Emerging market trends; costs, prices and farm economics; Consumer preferences for organic food; Issues in exporting organic produce

Topic 8 : Issues and Policies
Food quality and the role and application of quality assurances; Potential impacts of agricultural enterprises on the environment; Measures for minimizing environmental impacts; Opportunities for incorporating positive environmental management measures into farm business plans; Basics of regulation systems of organic farming and tradition in the world; Global regulations; Influence of policy on growth of organic industry in the country; subsidies and incentives for organic farming