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Assessment Criteria

The OAG module will have continuous assessment (CA) and final assessment (FA). The CA which consists of 60% will be conducted throughout the semester whilst the FA of 40% will be conducted at the end of the semester.

The details of CA are as follow:

1. One hour exam - 15%

2. Quizzes - 15%

3. Project work - 10%

4. Lab report/practical - 10%

5. Assignments - 10%


Final Assessment

The FA of 40% will be conducted as two-three hour final exam at the end of the semester.


Module passing criteria

This module will be assessed for 100 marks. A minimum aggregate of 50% (with at least 20% in FA and 40% in CA) should be attained to pass this module. If a student fails to secure 40% in CA, s/he will not be allowed to sit for the final exam.