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Dear Colleagues and Students,
As we all know, there are not adequate reference and reading materials in our library when most needed, I am trying to build a pool of online resources in relation to Forestry. Further, our college is not in position to subscribe paid online or so called e-journals. But, thanks to some of the international organizations that let us access their materials and information free of cost. However, mind you that, there are so many other sites that can lure you but cannot be totally relied upon for the fact that such sites are created with other intentions than genuinely sharing or disseminating information. They would be interested in getting your information such as your email account and personal biodata through which they keep bothering you advertising their enterprises or merchandise. Keeping all these in mind, I have tried to find out official and most popular or well known organizations to collate inormation into this web. My simple technique in searching for a site of more fidelity is by ending the URL extension with dot org, edu or country’s initial such as bt for Bhutan rather than dot com. Since the collection I have made thus far is not exhaustive, I would appreciate if you could contribute in every way possible, which you can do by mailing me on Your feedback and comments are always welcome!
Ugyen Thinley
Faculty of Forestry
College of Natural Resources
Lobesa, Punakha
Cell # 17617941