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Manures and Fertilizers (MF11)

Module Descriptor

Module title: Manures and Ferilizers

Module Code: MF11

Programme: Agriculture

Credit value: 120 credits hrs. (12 credits)

Name of the staff/teacher: R.B.Chhetri

Objectives:: This module aims at providing adequate knowledge and skills on manures and fertilizers (soil nutrient management).

Specific objectives/ Learning outcomes

Understand and carryout the various methods of soil improvement

Preparation of FYM/compost with the available materials and its application

Understand, explain and carryout vermi-composting

Understand boi-fertilizers and its role in soil improvement

Select and cultivate green manure crops

Select suitable cropping pattern/rotation for soil improvement.

Understand the basic concepts and the importance of organic farming

Explain the advantages, identify the common fertilizers and understand their properties

Calculate the fertilizers dose for a given crop and area (With the available fertilizer)

Select and apply (exact type, in proper time and appropriate methods) the recommended dose of fertilizer correctly.

Learning approach:

The learning and teaching of this module involves 50 hours of classroom teaching (lectures, group works, demonstrations and assignments-presentations). It has practical classes of 30 hrs and assignment-reports for 20 hours. This module also requires 20 hrs of self-study (reading lecture notes, referencing from library, group -discussions for clarifications without lecturer and preparations for examinations).


The assessment is carried throughout the semester as continuous/ongoing assessment which constitutes 60% of the total marks. This will be assessed through written tests, assignment–presentations/reports and practical and quiz. The final assessment constitutes written exam and oral (viva-voce) for 40%.

Subject matter:

Manures and fertilizer module aims at providing adequate knowledge and skills on soil nutrient management practices. The skills will help the graduates to guide and assist farmers on the soil nutrient management through the proper use of different organic manures and fertilizers without deteriorating the soil physical, chemical and biological properties. (Skill objectives and topics/info-elements attached)

Reading list:

P.K.Gupta, Hand Book of soil, fertilizer and manure by., Agro-botanica, Revised edition 2000

LEISA quarterly Journal, P.O. Box 64, 3830 AB Leusden, The Netherlands

FAO by J.C. Katyal and N.S. Randhawa, Micro-nutrients, ICAR, New Delhi

Samuel L. Tisdale, Soil fertility and fertilizer (fifth edition) IBDC, New Delhi

Dr. HLS Tandon, Fertilizer Guide FDCO, New Delhi

N.S. Subba Rao, Soil micro-organisms and plant growth, Oxford & IBH Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd

S.S. Singh, Hand book of Agricultural sciences by, Kalyani publishers, second revised edition , New Delhi

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