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The CNR library was established in 1992. Its primary object is to serve as the information resources centre, to cater the needs of references by the users and to gather or collect relevant information from other information centres.

Library Rules and Regulations

Library timings are as advertised at the door of the library

  • Monday to Friday-8:00 am-7:00pm.

2. During these opening hours only one group of students can be using the library at a time. Booking of time-slots in advance is possible with the Librarian. Ad hoc use of the library by group of students is subjected to only after cross-checking with librarian to ensure the library is free.

3. Library users are to behave such as to avoid disturbance of other users and prevent damage to books, reports and other library resources. In particular this means

· No loud talking

· No long conversations (even if whispering)

· No eating, drinking and smoking
(inside or in front of the library). Anyone violating this clause would be brought to the notice of DAA and appropriately dealt.

4. Personal books and bags are not allowed into the library and have to be kept outside the library. A shelf is provided for this.

5. All Books given call no with “REF”, Magazines and Journals are only to be read in the library.

6. Books/Reports/Journals that have been taken out of the shelf are NOT to be placed back by the users! They are to be put on the indicate table in the text book room. The librarian will place them back onto the correct place in the shelves. This will avoid misplacing and enhance the worth of the library for everybody. Please cooperate.

7. Switch off the mobile phones once you enter the library room.

Terms and Conditions for Library Users

1 Who can borrow books at what cost?

Students, teaching staff and other staff of CNR (internal users) as well as any other person holding a personal library users card (external user) are eligible to borrow items form the library.

For internal users borrowing of books is free of cost. All external users will be charged an annual fee of Nu. 50 for obtaining a valid library users card.

2 What items can be borrowed?

· Books can be borrowed from the library by all users. Maximum number of books that can be borrowed is 2 for students, non-teaching staff and external users and 4 for teaching staff of CNR.

· Video films are only issued to internal users. Maximum of 1 video at a time.

· Magazines and Journals are to be read in the library only and can be borrowed for over-night.

3 What are the conditions of borrowing?

· Any item is issued only upon demonstration of your personal library users card.

· Lending period is limited to 2 weeks for students, non-teaching staff and external users and  1 month for CNR teaching staff only.

· The following fines will be applied for items that are overdue. Absence from

CNR campus will not save the user from paying fines.

Internal Users

External Users

Students/other staff

Teaching Staff

Nu. 10 per day an item (automatically deducted from stipend)

Nu. 20 per day an item (automatically deducted from salary)

Nu. 20 per day an item, payable upon bringing the item(s) back

· The library users are made fully responsible for the loss or damage of books/items borrowed with her/his library users card. That is, lost books/items have to be replaced by an identical copy or to be paid for at a rate of 110% of the original cost (handling and ordering charges).