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Welcome to Landscape and Ornamental Horticulture module (LOH 321).  This module is offered to B.Sc. Agriculture degree students. Mr. Sonam Tashi, will handle the module for July - Nov 2010 semester.

The module is of 24 credits with 120 hours. Of the total hours, 40 is for actual class room teaching/discussion, 32 for practical, 26 for self study and the remaining 22 for assignments. This time allotment for each activity, especially for self study and assignments need not be strictly adhered to - you may, if need be, invest more time in these last two activities!!

 General Objective

The general objective of the module is to introduce the basic principles and their application in nursery, floriculture/floral designs, landscape planning, design and management.

Subject Matter

Landscape and Ornamental Horticulture is an interesting module as it deals with both the art and science of beautifying a landscape, residential area, resort and recreational space with appropriate hardscapes, trees, shrubs, flowers, vines and other ornamentals.

The module is divided into two broad groups namely, i. floriculture and floral designs; and ii. landscape designs. The topic on floriculture will cover ornamental nursery establishment and management, flower/cut flower propagation and production and various floral designs. Flowers have several social, cultural and economic values. Flowers are used for various occasions as such birthdays, valentine days, ceremonies and deaths.

The topic on landscaping will focus on various principles and elements of landscape design, landscape planning and management. The application of these principles will be carried out through a student group project.   

The module will have 40% theory class and the remaining 60% practical. The theory will be mainly on principles, definitions and terminologies whilst practicum will be on the application of these principles and practices in landscaping and floral arrangements and designs. A field visit to various locations outside the campus will also be organized for greater exposure and to supplement the theory and practicum class. 

Module Assessment

The module will be assessed for 100 marks. The assessment will consist of continuous assessment (CA) of 60% and final assessment (FA) of 40%.

The continuous assessment consists of project work (30%), assignment (15%), field trip report and practical report (15%). The final assessment of 40% will be carried out in the form of two-hour writen exam.

To pass the module, a student has to secure an aggregate of 50% marks with at least 40% in CA and another 20% in FA. This means, a student could fail the module even if the aggrgate is 50% or above in case if s/he fails to secure 40% and 20% respectively in CA and FA.

Contact Address

For further enquiry on the module, you may contact Sonam Tashi, module coordinator; Room no. 19; email:; Phone:17957359.