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Module descriptor

0Module title:                               Forest Mensuration I


Module code:                                                   FM21


Programme:                                                      Diploma in Forestry


Credit value:                                120 credit hours (12 credit point)


Staff member(s) Responsible:         Ugyen Dorji and Ugyen Tenzin


General objectives:      


The module aims to make the students competent in measuring the Tree diameter, girth, crown, height, and volume correctly for the felled and standing trees; and also to handle and maintain the measuring equipment properly.


Learning Outcomes:


At the end of the module taught in the second year first semester, the trainees are expected to be able to:


Þ    Measure the girth and diameter of trees and logs.

Þ    Handle and maintain the instrument used for measuring diameter, girth and bark thickness.

Þ    Know the sources of error in measuring.

Þ    Group girth and diameter into appropriate classes.

Þ    Estimate crown closure and express in percentage.

Þ    Measure the height of the trees and to handle and maintain the instruments.

Þ    Make correct measurement and calculation of volumes of standing trees, logs and sawn timbers.

Þ    Select a representative forest area and trees for collecting data for local and general volume tables.

Þ    Measure and calculate cull percentage.



Learning and teaching approach:


The program learning and teaching approach is mainly learner-centered approach, where it includes class room lectures, group works, assignments, Block programme, excursions, demonstration and practical sessions. The nature of the programme is full time in-situ programme. Out of 120 hrs, 65 hrs is for class room teaching, presentation, group work and demonstration; 30 hrs for practical sessions in the Institute campus; 9 hrs Assignment with practical; and 16 hrs for self study and preparation





Assessment is carried out both as an ongoing process which constitutes 60% weight of the total marks and final written exam which constitutes 40%. Continuous assessment will be marked through one written exam for 30% and one practical exam for 20%. The trainees will be required to submit two assignments which will be assessed for 5% each.


Subject matter:


Forest Mensuration Part-I aims at providing adequate skills for measurement of tree diameter, girth, crown, height and volume of standing and felled trees and also to handle and maintain the measuring equipment. This module will deal with the topics on measurement of diameter and girth, measurement of crown closure, measurement of tree height and measurement of volumes for felled and standing trees.


Reading list:


1.       Chaturvedi A.N. and Khanna L.S. (1982).Forest Mensuration. International Book Distributers. Dehra Dun, India.

2.       Chaturvedi A.N. (1982). Forest Mensuration. International Book Distributers. Dehra Dun, India.

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Date:          15th May 2006