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A very warm welcome to the site! This site caters to the students of Diploma Programme of Forestry in Extension. It contains four modules of Forestry Faculty: Fundamentals of Silviculture (SC11), Geographic Information Systems [GIS (SV11)], Applied Silviculture (SC12) and some part of Social Forestry (SF12). While some modules may have full-fledged content, the others may just have general precepts and ideas which can be due to various reasons, such as lots of diagrams and pictures that cannot all be uploaded in the Content Management System (CMS). In such cases, however, you are provided with direct links to the teaching material folders and files. Further, through this site, you are directed to other useful and educational websites via hyperlinks. The linked websites can lead you to the wider scope of understanding and broadening your knowledge base in the given module.

Ugyen Thinley

Faculty of Forestry