Extension Module for Diploma - Lesson Introduction

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Lesson Introduction

Dear students,

This lesson intends to provide the learner about some basic ideas about innovation,diffusion and adoption.It focuses on the definitions and the processes with emphasis of their understanding and application in the rural development context in areas of RNR sector. However, the application is not restricted to the RNR sector only, but the principles can be applied to other social and economic spheres. 

After completion of the module the participants will be able to understand why some farmers embrace new technologies more readily than other farmers, and why some farmers do not take up new technologie at all. The participants will be in a better positions to intervene more effectively in the development process.

Lesson objectives

By the end of the lesson the participants will be able to

  • define innovation, diffusion and adoption
  • understand the variuos factors of adoption
  • understand the process of adoption
  • gain a better understanding of  the development process in a rural setting
  • apply the learning outcomes beyond the RNR sector 

 Lesson Content


Diffusion  diagram



Time required

Three hours


Class 12  pass in Science with biology. eligibilty criteria...

Contact person

Bhakta Shangshon/Samdrup Rigyel, CNR  Lobesa Bhutan

Tele. no 00975 2 480564    email address: shangshon@yahoo.com