Clinical Veterinary Medicine - Clinical Veterinary Medicine I

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Clinical Veterinary Medicine I

Module title: Clinical Veterinary Medicine I

Module Code: VM21

 Credit Value: 120 Credit Hours


General Objectives:

The subject aims at providing the trainees with the knowledge and skills to carry out diagnosis, treatment and prophylactic measures of common clinical diseases or syndromes.


Specific Objectives:

  1. Diagnose and treat clinical diseases commonly encountered in the field.
  2. Carry out diagnosis, treatment and prophylactic measures for various metabolic diseases.
  3. Diagnose and treat toxic disease/ conditions
  4. Diagnose and treat various deficiency diseases manly in small animals
  5. Explain the various traditional veterinary practices.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Understand all the allied subjects of veterinary medicine to enable undertake sound clinical practice in the field.
  2. Become familiar with the various methods of diagnosis and treatment for different disease conditions and ailments prevalent in the country.
  3. Should be able to make technically sound judgement in carrying out the treatments
  4. Should have become well-versed with all the medicines enlisted in the Essential Drug Book based on which medicines are being imported into Bhutan.



  1. Disease diagnosis, treatment and pharmaceutical procedures.
  2. Animal handling and dealing with animal owners (pu8blic relations).



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