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About Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) is one of the basic tools for facilitating faster and easier teaching-learning process at the College of Natural Resources (CNR). The CMS was design by the Wageningen International (WI), the Netherlands under the AsiaLink project (2006 to 2008). Besides CNR, Bhutan, the other three partners of the project include:

1. CIDT, United Kingdom;
2. Wageningen International, the Netherlands; and
3. Institute of Forestry, Nepal

CMS is a web-based program to which the teachers have full access and authority to create and edit the page/content of their teaching materials/modules based on their own requirements. They need not notify the web administrators whilst creating or editing the contents. They've been trained how to handle such activities.

All the students have free access to CMS. They can not only view, but also download and or pass comments regarding the contents. All the students have been oriented with the use of CMS.  

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